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"Marjorie", by Cindy

From that dark moment
A floodlight upon
A dead branch in snow
Reveals a Person
Inside and outside
Forever caring...
Shining on the lost.
For one dark moment
She feels forgotten.
Then the light expands,
Embracing her tears.

            "*Elizabeth*", by Cindy

          Trees outnumber *Elizabeth*
     Clouds   blossom      Streets    carpet
   Locks    harbor       Walls     garden
Glass     pictures     Steel  poses
Lamps fountain    Stones nurture
   surround and defend....

        "Ann", by Cindy

        Ann plays only the black keys.
        The harsh realities of her life
        As ex-wife and 5-time-mother
        Want another scale than mine
        To remind THEM of THEIR ways
        Until the day she sings again.

"Reclamation", by Cindy

Denied a face she hides beneath
     an ocean of uncried tears
Cry the tears : now the ocean dries.
A plain appears : Eden, in dying pains.
Then sings a soft thunder yet living:
     "All time begins within."
     "All worlds begin within."
Here IS the blood of the suffering of all Mankind.
A coiling stream about the tree stains the soil.
And though long dead the tree so fed shows:
     a light, a star, a fruit of her first-born
No faceless serpent, now she returns.
Here SHE comes to dance if allowed to be.
Just cry the tears and the ocean dries.
So souls will drown the Lord of Lies.
And joy will dance as jealousy dies.

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