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Another writing exercise:
> Begin with:
> There is the dream of someone else

There is the dream of someone else. At first, I may be the star in it. That's how it gets my attention. The hook. There's coffee and pizza, too. But it's just to suck me in. I'm there for five minutes, I get some pizza, then I turn into a dog or a cat and then the real dreamer walks in and takes over. Last night I turned into three blackbirds. I woke up with a splitting headache.

Why does this guy want me to be present in his dreams? I'm just present there, I get don't to do anything, I'm just an audience in the form of whatever fauna he's obsessing on at the moment. I don't know this guy, I don't want to know him, I should be in dreams of my own , I have my own wishes that need fulfilling. That should be MY cigar, MY railroad tunnel, MY leap off a tall building to certain death. That should be ME drowning, flying, being chased by an axe murderer.

I hope there's extra cheese tonight.

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