This was in response to a poetry exercise challenge, to use at least twenty Big Words.

Opus Flatus

perfervid sesquipedalianism
polysyllabic periphrasticism
prolonged profligate prolix
(prologue to prepens'd litotes?)
as this poetaster frolics,

O libation of verbiage!
O licentious persiflage!

O laud exculpatory tutelage!
-- that such divagation might ready this hoot:

-- a frequentative of "toot".

Opus Flatus, with translation

Opus > work
Flatus > intestinal gas
perfervid > extremely fervid, intensely enthusiastic
sesquipedalianism > use of big words (lit. use of words-and-a-half)
periphrasticism > roundabout speech
profligate > recklessly prodigal, extravagant
prolix > extended to unnecessary or tedious length, long and wordy
(prologue to  
prepens'd > prepensed: premeditated, aforethought.
litotes?) > litotes: understatement, esp. affirmation by negation of the contrary, from Gr. LITOTES, simplicity
as this  
poetaster > petty poet
O libation > pouring forth, usually of wine in honor of a diety
of verbiage! 
O licentious 
persiflage! > banter, flippancy
O laud > O praise, honor
exculpatory > that tending to free from the charge of fault or crime
tutelage! > guardianship, state of being tutored
-- that such 
divagation > digression in speech
might ready 
this hoot: 
"TOOTLE!" > tootle: a frequentative of toot
-- a 
frequentative > a word denoting the frequent repetition of an action expressed by another word, from which it is derived
of "toot". 

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