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I write something purporting to be a humor column for Real Change street newspaper in Seattle Washington. The first couple of years, Real Change had one fun fundraiser -- a Bad Art Show. We had a musician who set his trombone mouthpiece on fire (ala Hendrix), my babe Anitra sang "Everything's Beautiful" in a sickeningly saccharine falsetto with her hair done up like Pebbles in the Flintstones, I got to read all the poetry they wouldn't let me put in the column, and everybody in town got to bring all their cheesy art out of the basement and hang it on the Real Change walls. Things like a portrait of Elvis on black velvet done in colored macaroni, that otherwise might never have seen the light of day, could be properly admired -- and auctioned off to go into somebody else's basement.

Then Real Change got really busy and the space was full of writing workshops and computer workshops and community organizing meetings all the time, and we stopped having Bad Art Shows.

This is wrong. Bad Art Shows are a part of social change. If we don't properly appreciate our Bad Art, we can't properly appreciate anything.

So I have moved the Bad Art Show to the Internet. This is probably where it belongs, anyway.

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