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Posing as a mild-mannered humor columnist for a great metropolitan street-newspaper, Wes Browning is really:
  • A Doctor of Mathematics. Studied at U of W, Seattle and Cornell U. Ph.D. paper was on "Weird-ass Jerk-off Geometric Thingies You Can't Make Models Of But Math Geeks Like to Play with Them for Hours and Hours." Taught at mostly stupid colleges that didn't pay me enough for the crap I had to put up with from them and their miserable "students", especially the basketball players. (I'm just trying to make sure nobody ever hires me again. Rutgers, are you out there?)
  • An artist. For good art, see StreetLife Gallery.
  • A poet. See StreetWrites.
  • An activist. See Real Change.
  • I teach computers, if you don't annoy me too much. Well, actually I don't teach computers, I teach people. Computers are usually involved though. See MacWorkshop.
  • I also speak in public occasionally, for pay, on behalf of Real Change.
  • For a bio-at-length, see Art in Balance.
  • Wes's Other Web Site
  • Cindy's Other Web Site
  • Wes's Other Column Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have "Copyright" in your name?
This started years ago at StreetLife Gallery as a joke on another Artist who copyrighted everything he did way too much. He wrote "Copyright myname thisdate" three times on the front and back of each picture, even after I told him that writing it more than once made it invalid. So I started signing everything I did, including forms and letters and memos, as "Copyright Dr. Wes Browning". I told people that my signature could not be used against me in a court of law without my permission, because it was copyrighted. (This has never been put to legal test.) There is still a light fixture in StreetLife Gallery signed "Copyright Dr. Wes Browning, $100 As Is." (Meaning, you can buy it but you have to leave it where it is.)
Are you really a Doctor?
Yes. Go back to the beginning of this page and start over.



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