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There are many disagreements on what is Bad Art. This is partly because Bad Art comes in many categories.

Bad in concept
Usually because there wasn't a concept. Sometimes because there was too much concept: "I am going to paint here the drama of the Numinous as it transcends the Multiplicity of the Ego Identity in its eternal conflict with the Other and that blue guy in those Hindu Paintings."
Bad in execution
Poorly done, because of either lack of skill or lack of care.
Bad choice of materials
Black velvet? Colored macaroni? Elephant dung?
Excessively sentimental
Should come with insulin.
Gratuitously offensive
Elephant dung?
Deliberately bad
Batman and Robin on TV
So bad that it's good
Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Tries to be so bad that it's good, but doesn't make it
Batman and Robin on TV



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